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Become a Highly Sought After Facebook Marketing Expert In Just 30 Days & Get Paid
To Help Small Businesses Grow Online…

This is your opportunity to get in on THE biggest breakthrough business and financial opportunity this year and profit enormously by helping local businesses in your area…

Dear Friend,

In this letter I'll tell you all about the new tried, tested and proven ‘little business’ that can make you thousands of pounds a month…Part time...from home...It’s a lot of fun... and so easy an 11 year old can do it!

 I'll reveal how anyone who knows the basics of how to use Facebook can quickly make £1000, £2000 or £8000 extra a month using a step-by step system for profiting from the fastest growing business opportunity ever to hit the UK...

 … The Opportunity to HELP Local Businesses

 Get Customers from FACEBOOK

Its no secret that with 1.8 billion daily users; Facebook is the ideal place for businesses to get customers right now.
    But the problem is ...



  Most people are totally clueless about how to set up their FB profile to attract prospects …

 They have no idea how to create fan pages that engage people who’re interested in what they do and make them realise they are the No. 1 choice…


They’re totally baffled about how to convince their FB fans and friends to join their mailing lists / database so they can promote related products to them to massivelyincrease their profits through affiliate programs… without them having to do any extra work.


 But of course, there are a few clever marketers who’ve figured it all out.  — The top 1% of peoplein direct marketing today.

 They’re the ones quietly making fantastic livings helping business owners grow on Facebook.

 Some are striking up deals with business owners in YOUR LOCAL AREA right now, helping them sell their products and services… and collecting30% -50% of the revenue generated from the sales and leads they’re generating for them - often bringing  them £10,000 per month - or more! 

  Others are getting paid monthly retainers of £1,000 - £6,000 per month from business owners just to help promote their products on Facebook.


And business Owners Are HAPPY

To Pay Them These High Fees Because…

 … They KNOW that almost everyone is one Facebook these days.

They KNOW their competitors are advertising on there…

And they KNOW if they don’t start advertising on there too

… they’ll soon be out of business!


So, as you can imagine, the demand for Facebook marketing experts is extremely high.

 You don’t even really have to “sell” the idea to business owners. You merely have to “offer” it to business owners in a way that makes it “easy” for them to say YES.

 And I’ll show you exactly how to do that in just a moment.

 But first, let me ask you…

Would you love to have a business where you get PAID £3000, £5,000, £10,000, even £20,000 a month…

 Just for just playing around on Facebook?

 Most people would!

 But here’s the problem …

How in the world can you get a REAL Facebook marketing expert to ever ‘spill-the-beans’ and tell you everything they know about getting customers from Facebook?

 Because unless you can afford a small fortune to hire a real life expert, you’ll probably never know the secrets to generating customers from Facebook.

 And, you’ll forever be stuck on the “outside” knowing a few lucky people are making HUGEfortunes on Facebook everyday while you stay stuck in a job you don’t like…

 … Earning a wage that’s nowhere near enough.

 … Completely clueless to how it all works.

 And that’s just how it’s always been… 

 … until NOW!

How YOU Can Discover The Secrets
To Getting Customers From Facebook… FAST!

 Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is David Nixon.  

 And over the last 3 years I’ve invested over £20,000 researching the ways in which you can generate all the customers you could ever want from Facebook.

 My journey started when I had my own eBay business. I was struggling to make sales. 

 Competition was undercutting me left right and centre.

 And eBay constantly kept increasing its fees which made things even harder.

 Pretty soon, I realised that if I could tap into the secrets of getting customers on Facebook I could only save my business… I could open up several businesses.

 I made mistakes at first. A lot of mistakes. Some stupid. Others costly.

 It cost me a fortune, and I was almost about to quit and just accept I’d be trapped in my job forever.

 When by chance I ran into a reclusive gentlemen at an internet marketing event, who made over £50 million pounds online…

 I joined his mentorship program, and he gave me a DVD showing me 12 ways of generating customers from Facebook.

 And let me tell you…these methods transformed by business and my life.

 And today, things are quite different.

 "Working" only an hour a day… It’s allowed me to set up a whole new business, which has helped me put a plan into action to travel the world…and I already have my eye on a brand NEW Aston Martin…my dream car… All made possible thanks for this system.

You see, there are 3 reasons why many of today’s savviest – and richest -- online marketers absolutely love Facebook advertising….

 ** FIRST, Facebook is the most targeted online advertising medium in existence: It enables you to deliver your ads to specific groups of people … based on age, interests, behaviours, buying preferences, and other metrics … to a degree Google advertisers can only dream about.

 ** SECOND, because it is targeted and the rates are so reasonable, Facebook is extremely affordable, even if your online marketing budget is miniscule. The low cost also allows for more testing for fewer dollars.

 ** THIRD, Facebook offers greater flexibility than Google and other online ad media in terms of ad design, character length, images, and videos.

And with approximately 1.28 billion active users monthly, no wonder Facebook is the second-most-visited web site, behind Google. That’s a lot of eyeballs on your ads.

Discover Everything You Need  
To Know About Getting Customers For 
Any Business From Facebook In 30 Days


And I’ve got to say, once you learn these 12 secrets to getting ALL the customers you could ever want from Facebook …  you’ll see that’s actually pretty easy to generate cash very quickly.


Because Facebook is growing at an alarming rate (and showing no signs of slowing down.) which is why I strongly believe knowing how to get customers from Facebook is THEsingle greatest money making skill you could ever possess right now.

And the sad fact is, people who actually KNOW how to get customers on Facebook are as rare as hen’s teeth. Which is why they are able to practically write their own cheques so to speak.

I wasted years trying to figure out how to make money online, so I could finally quit my joband be free.

And invested many thousands of pounds in testing ideas, products, and marketing methods.

But I don't want you to have to go through the agony, false starts, delay, and uncertainty I did.

And now, I have great news for you.

Because for a limited time…

I’m Willing To Share The 12 Secrets Of Getting All The Customers You Could Ever Need From Facebook with you. And You Can Try Them All Out For FREE If You Want?

In my brand NEW video program:


The Simple System To Generating All The Customers You Could Ever Need For Any Business By Harnessing The Power of Facebook



I’m going to give you the same proverbial "keys to the kingdom" …

In this breakthrough new program you’ll discover:

   How to build your reputation as a though leader in your field on Facebook (So customers come to YOU purse… and wallet in hand…  ready to spend!)

  10 tips for writing a more compelling Facebook posts and Ads.

 Follow these simple directions to attract more eyeballs to your FB ads with the right images.

 How to use Facebook to grow your opt-in e-mail subscriber list.

  Why it's critical that you build trust with new FB friends within the first 90 days and the quickest and easiest way to do it.

  How to use Facebook groups to market your products — or your clients products or affiliate offers where you get paid 90% for every sale.

  How to use Facebook competitions to make MASSIVE paydays — attract massive crowds to put BIG profits in your pocket.

  How to create posts that will attract the RICH & THE AFFLUENT who will buy higher ticket offers for you — see an example.

  6 types of Facebook posts proven to get the most likes, shares and comments. 

  10 simple rules for using Photo Albums and Video to spread your message.

  Should you run your ads from your Facebook business page or your Facebook personal profile? The answer may surprise you.

  How to use CUSTOM AUDIENCES to deliver your ad to people on Facebook who are the most similar to the customers you (or your clients) already have.

  6 low-cost/no-cost tools that can help you discover whether the niche you pick can be profitable.

  5 ways to improve your Facebook results with the FB “Power Editor.”

  How to prevent certain people from seeing your Facebook ads and posts – and why you may want to do so.

  How to generate more clicks from your FB posts and ads with special offers, a sense of urgency, and the right calls to action...

  How to split test Facebook ads and boosted posts—and why you should do so.

  5 ways to determine whether an affiliate marketing program is worth joining.

  The MINDSET you need to be successful in Facebook

  How to multiply your weekly online sales a hundredfold - as incredible as that sounds.


  Why you should NEVER upload your videos to YouTube before putting it on FB — it’ll kill your views — always upload to FB first.

  Boosting posts is it worth it? Discover the 3 times it’s worse doing IF you want to make BIG money fast.

  4 elements of a Facebook posts that’ll get massive of likes and shares

   3 types of questions that create social engagement.

  9 steps to making money as a successful affiliate marketer on Facebook — selling other people’s products and banking 6 figures a year or more.

  How you can automatically SCHEDULE your Facebook posts so your business operates without YOU having to be on Facebook all day.

  How to get a team of “outsourcers” to create 100’s of Facebook posts for you — so you all have to do is upload them each day and make money!

  How to stay on Facebooks good side - and not get banned.

  How to use quality backlinks to get your Facebook fan pages ranked high in Google - with examples

  4 ways to interact with your customers on a regular basis - and why you should.

  How to use Fan Pages to Build your list of prospects fast and easy.

  5 Tips for creating Your Facebook Profile so it attracts “buyers” on autopilot.

  How to make £1,000 to £2,000 a week or more in passive income on Facebook.  (Hands down the LAZIEST way ever to make money online!)

  Proven examples of Facebook post used by a window cleaner which generated £2,500 per post!

  How to use sites like Upwork and Elance and Fivver .com to get all the graphics and stuff done for you

  How to use Facebook to target the perfect buyers for any product or service in 3 steps.

  5 questions you must ask and answer to select the right segment of the market to sell to on Facebook.

  How to identify problems people are worried about that your products can help them solve.

  9 types of content to post on Facebook to keep prospect engaged.

  15 ways to double your online conversion rates - and your revenues.

  12-point checklist for selecting the right product fulfilment house.

  3 things you need to be sell other people's products for a handsome commission on every sale.

  4 great ideas for creating free bonus reports and increasing online sales through Facebook by giving them away for free to your customers.

  How to optimise your Facebook page so it shows up on Google! — with examples and guides.

  How to use retargeting to increase sales by 300% How to retarget to lists you already own.

And lots more.






Conrad makes £8,000 a month selling home-made
goods and products on Facebook



"So I started a Facebook page that directed people to my EBay shop. I had a number of likes and a number of clicks to my shop but no sales.

 I placed more pictures and changed some things on my Facebook page and waited for more customers. I had more clicks to the shop but no sales. I then changed more and updated more but still no sales.”

Today, Conrad runs 2 online stores and drives all traffic to them from his Facebook Pages. The business seems to be going well. Conrad says it pays for his entire living. He also tells us he's about to sell 50% of the shop to two investors in two £24,000 chunks. He plans to use the money to buy "likes" on Facebook. He currently has 75,000 likes. Conrad wants to get that number to a million.

By his maths, that will put his revenues past £40,000 per month — £480,000 per year. Obviously, Conrad might be wildly overestimating his ability to scale his small online retail business. But you've got to love the ambition and the hustle.

Conrad also has a lot to say about Facebook. “All the people who are complaining about Facebook … are just using Facebook the wrong way.” Some very wise words from someone so young. Now it’s your turn!




What will it cost you to learn how to transform Facebook from a place where so many users just waste time posting pictures of their cats, kids, or meals …

… into a money-making online advertising machine earning you thousands of extra pounds a year in passive income—even while you sleep?

£5000? £10,000? Maybe even a whole year's worth of income?

 I'd say probably so, and I'd be willing to bet there are those out there that, once they

found this information, would sell it to you for right around that much.

 And I'll be honest with you, if you were to spend a month with one of these experts

where they would look over your shoulder to get you started in this, it would cost you a

small fortune around £5,000 for a couple of hours at a time.

However, it won’t cost you £10,000… 5,000 … or even £500 …to have get the 12 secrets to getting ALL the customers you want (for any business) from Facebook.

That’s because list price of Facebook Direct The Simple System To Generating All The Customers You Could Ever Need  is a very reasonable £167.

But for a limited time only, it’s yours for just £67 … a discount of over 50% off the list price … less than a marketing expert would charge you for just a 5 minute coaching session. You save £100!

And that’s your investment only if you agree with me 100% that FACEBOOK DIRECT has indeed given you the keys to unlocking the incredible profits that you can make on Facebook.

 If it doesn’t, then it won’t cost you a penny.

 Here’s why….

My 100% Iron-Clad Guarantee Of Satisfaction

I totally guarantee your satisfaction with my new program FACEBOOK DIRECT The Simple System To Generating All The Customers You Could Ever Need from Facebook.

My guarantee is ironclad – and unconditional: If you are unhappy for any other reason … or for no reason at all … just let me know within 30 days.

I’ll give you a full and prompt refund of every penny you paid. And on top of that, you can still keep the FULL program for free -- with my compliments.

That way, you risk nothing. You can’t lose!

But I urge you to hurry.

Right now, I only have permission from my Partners Network to make 250 of the DVD sets available at a time.

So, if you miss out on this offer, I cannot guarantee you’ll ever see this offer again.

So, ask yourself….

Can see yourself helping local business owners to stop wasting even MORE money

on advertising that's currently bleeding them dry?

Can you see yourself helping them BOOST their profits by promoting their businesses online on with Facebook?

And most importantly can see yourself being deservedly well paid for your help?

Because if you can...

Then there Is Absolutely NO LIMIT
To The Amount Of Money You Can Make From This Local Business Marketing Opportunity With Facebook!

So what are you waiting for?

You can be up and running in this remarkable business in a matter of DAYS. You can certainly capture your first big cash profits in your very first month, no question.

Plus, you can run this business from your smartphone, from anywhere!

Imagine – as quickly as 3 or 4 months from right now, being able to confidently quit your job, or sell your existing business, earning money working from home by helping business get customers on Facebook.

Imagine… NO more stressful commutes in rush hour traffic…More RELAXING with coffee at home, reading the paper, walking your dog, before you do ANY work at all?

IMAGINE THE FREEDOM to take month long holidays anywhere that interests you – a city, a small town, by a beach, on the ski slopes, and still do this business while you're there!

Are you ready to experience what life is like running your own local business Facebook marketing service?

Or even just using these secrets to sell hundreds of thousands of pounds of perhaps MILLIONS of your own products?

Another big reason why it makes sense you
get started on Facebook today…TIMING!

     In business timing can matter a lot and your timing right now is perfect. You're not
too early that the demand for what you're doing doesn't exist. Businesses KNOW about
advertising on Facebook.

      They know they should be doing something about it.

      The demand is out there, but you're not too late that the market is saturated. On the
contrary, most marketers on Facebook are still focussed on struggling to sell their OWN products and services online. Only a savvy few have caught on to this MASSIVE opportunity to use their Facebook Marketing skills to actually HELP local business people.

          And that’s why there’s HUGE opportunity for you to do this in the UK, and for you to do this and do it very, very successfully.

          Supply always catches up with demand, but there's a LOT of money to be made in  the gap between now and then and you can grow your business big or you can keep it  small. If you've got big ambitions, you can find lots of clients build a team around you and  grow a super successful business.

To order Facebook Direct The Simple System To Generating All The Customers You Could Ever Need on a 30-day risk-free trial basis … and save £100 … just click the order button below right now



 David Nixon

 P.S. Order Facebook Direct today and you get a FREE Bonus Report How To Think Like A Millionaire.


Revealing the millionaires thinking processes and how you can apply it to make millions yourself. (value: £29)


   How you can fine tune your “internal money blueprint” to guarantee massive financial success.

   How to eliminate the 4 blocks holding you back from Abundance and riches.

   6 simple steps for letting go of any past pain or resentment lurking inside you.

   3 crippling beliefs of 'poor people' and if you have any, you'll learn how to dig them out and replace them with empowering beliefs that guarantee you success.

  How to weigh up the risk of starting up your business vs. staying in your present job.

  The real Do's and don'ts of goal setting and the reason 99% of the world fail miserably at it.

  The shocking reason why 'hope' is strictly for the 'hopeless' and why a successful person will never ever 'hope' for anything!

  How your passions and purpose and putting them to work are ESSENTIAL to your      long term success (without knowing this, you’ll never hang on to your money, and you’ll feel miserable!) 

And MUCH more…. 

Best of all, this bonus report – a £29 value -- is yours to keep FREE … even if you request a refund on the Facebook Direct Course.

To order Facebook Direct: The Simple System To Generating All The Customers You Could Ever Need For Any Business By Harnessing The Power of Facebook

… AND get your FREE Special Report … just click below now:

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