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How to set up your tickets

1. Login using your wix link.


Your page will look like this. 


2. You are now in the booking platform part of the site.

This is the main Dashboard. 

To create a new event click on "Add new event"​


3. You are in the Event creation part. 

  • Under "Event name" add the name of the event.

  • Make sure you enter the postcode of the location under "venue zip code " and "Venue name" and address under venue name.

  • Under description - I would normally add all the information about the event and upload a poster or picture. Add everything again, time, date, ticket prices, terms and conditions or links to terms and tickets.

Now move onto "Create Tickets"

4. Creating a Tickets

Depending on the tickets you want to create there are 2 separate sections. 

There are an "add tickets" and "add tickets Group"

  • "Add tickets" - you would use for simple tickets - for instance, if there is very little difference in ticket prices or dates. eg: ticket price for all is £6 or the event is one day. 

  • "Add ticket group" - you would use this if there are different ticket prices or multiple event days. 

For instance. The group would be - 24 May tickets - then the tickets would be Adult £5 and the 2nd ticket for children at £3 but all would be under the group marked 24 May. 

Then if you have another event on the 25 May you would make the 25th a group as well. 

4. Group tickets

Create the "group title" first

Then add the maximum number of tickets you would like to sell for the specific group. So if you have 400 tickets to sell on the 23 May but want to have a limit on a ticket sold add 400. This will then not allow there to be any tickets sold over this amount. 

Then when we create tickets under the group we will limit each ticket - so say you want to sell more children tickets than adults you would limit those tickets to say 300 children tickets and 100 adult tickets. Or just limit them both to 400 each and once the group reaches its 400 max it will not allow any more tickets to be sold. 

4. Add tickets

To create a simple ticket click on "add tickets"

You can select if it is a Paid ticket or Free ticket under "ticket type". 

Quantity is where you can set you, individual ticket limit - this connects with the group ticket quanity. 

This is also where you set ticket price.

"Select the Show advanced settings"

This open up an additional section to tickets see below.

5. Under advanced setting

The description would be a short note about the ticket eg: if it is a child ticket I would write: ages 2 -12. Under adult, I would write: 12 + years.


If you want to put the booking fee or a booking fee onto the client this is done under booking fee. 

Once your event it live or in draft, you can select "status" and there are options for you change the settings of the tickets. 

Connecting the group to the ticket


Where it says "group" you can select the drop down. Here you need to link the ticket you created to the group you created. 


Once connected click "save ticket".

EG: You will now see the adult ticket has been created under the group 10 April 

You can create as many tickets under this group as you like. 


See below:

If you jump to your site - you will now see the 1st event and if you click on it or "buy tickets" it will take you the ticket buying page of what you have created. 


Once you have entered "save event" it will take you back to Event page summary.

Here you can make the event live or keep it in draft mode - "draft" will hide the event "on sale" will make the tickets available for sale.  

Under summary you can see what has been sold and what is selling.


Under "Event summary" is "Edit event and tickets" - you can go back into the ticket part this way.

Under "edit order confirmation" - this is where you can go and make amendments to the email the client would receive with their e-tickets.

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