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Google Analytics Consultancy

Collecting, analyzing, and using data is what separates the gods from the noobs of digital marketing. Online, every data point is a potential insight that offers a tactical advantage over the rest of the pack.

Data Is Gold

Our receptionist Pepper would turn away the guy who said the following quote if he showed up at our doorstep:

 Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.

We need to know which half is working so that we can consistently focus our efforts in the areas that deliver the most exceptional results for our clients. That means we want to know if users are more likely to buy from your site at 8am or 7pm, in India or Indiana, on Chrome or Firefox.

Google Analytics Consultants

Our preferred analytics package is Google Analytics (GA) because it’s the best. All of our analysts are Google Analytics individually qualified, the highest recognition of expertise in the field. One of our Brainlabbers even designed new features in the product frontend and backend, as well as running advanced GA training for Europe at Google. Our data scientists can also work with Omniture (or help with the transition from Omniture to GA).

Google Analytics implementation audit

As a scientific digital marketing agency, our very existence depends on collecting accurate data. That’s why we carry out a Google Analytics implementation audit for all our clients to make sure that every aspect of their tracking is correct. We’ve seen implementations go wrong and that means key business decisions are made using inaccurate data.

Depending on the complexity of the implementation, we’ll search and destroy some of the following common mistakes:

  • Unused or unnecessary filters and profiles

  • Unlinked AdWords campaigns

  • Inaccurate content reports

  • Untagged marketing campaigns

  • Missing goal strategy

  • Pages missing code

  • Homepage redirects

  • Cross- and sub-domain tracking

Once we’ve fixed all your tracking woes, we’ll implement some of the following features depending on the complexity of setup:

  • Universal Analytics upgrade

  • AdWords integration

  • Advanced traffic segmentation

  • Ecommerce revenue tracking

  • Form tracking

  • Funnel analysis

  • Filters excluding internal traffic

  • Goal (conversion) tracking

  • Payment gateway integration

  • Flash and AJAX event tracking

  • Internal site search tracking

  • Automated report scheduling

  • Integration with CRM data/customer backend data

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