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It's not magic, it's blog content

My Business Online creates original blog posts that you have always wanted for content, but simply never had the time or resources to write yourself. 

“61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content and are also more likely to buy from that company.”(Custom Content Council)

  • Blogging shows customers you care about your business and its needs. We help create content relevant to your customers' needs with the direction and topics you provide. 

  • A blog post is a piece of shareable content that can be used across social media channels and networks. Customers may not read your blog every day, but they follow your company on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, or subscribe to your newsletter.

  • We provide the blog posts businesses need to keep customer engagement high. 



Prices start from £25 for a Blog post of 300 words.
Or select from our very popular packages below

01 Choose your package

Tell us how many blog posts you would like, and what subjects you would like our blog writers to cover. You can change these details as often as you like, to ensure you are completely happy with the posts you receive.

02 We create your posts

Based on your instructions, we'll choose the most qualified, available blog writers to create posts to your exact specification. You can review your posts online, and if necessary request edits.

03 Easy publishing

Your posts are delivered regularly throughout the month and are easy to upload to all blog platforms. WordPress users can install a plugin which includes images and even publishes posts automatically!

“Brands that create 15 blog posts per month average 1,200 new leads per month.” (HubSpot)
  • A blog is fundamental to content marketing. Staying relevant and top of mind with fresh content about your industry builds awareness about your company. 

  • Turn visitors into customers by building trust through your blog. 

  • Your blog is the foundation for infographics, newsletters, e-books, SlideShares, videos or webinars. Visitors become leads when they exchange their contact information for the valuable information you provide.  

“Growth in unique site traffic is 7.8 times higher for content marketing.” (Kapost)
  • With each new blog post, you’re building a destination and resource for your customers. 

  • Each post improves your website’s search relevance and creates an indexable page for search engines and customers to find your business. 

  • Search engines reward businesses for creating consistent, original content that customers discover and continue to revisit.

                                                    Blogging increases SEO, web traffic, & conversions


  • 4 posts per month

  • 300 - 350 words

  • Royalty-Free images

  • Auto-publishing

  • Social Media shares



  • 8 posts per month

  • 300 - 350 words

  • Royalty-Free Images

  • Auto-publishing

  • Social Media shares




  • 16 posts per month

  • 300 - 350 words

  • Royalty-Free Images

  • Auto-publishing

  • Social Media shares


Just content / articles

How it works


Do you manage your own blogging? 

Do you need some extra articles or content?

Not a problem - we can supply you with quality content for your blog.

Order quality content from approved freelance writers.


Need quality articles?

We have got hundreds of UK-based freelance writers, ready and waiting for your order. Whatever the subject, simply enter your requirements and we will find the right writer for you.


It's remarkably quick - most articles are complete in less than 72 hours!
  •   Quality UK writers

  •   72 Hour Turnaround

  •   Quick Publishing



Prices start from £25 for a 300-word article.

300-word articles are a Good length for just getting started and keeping your blog current, especially in niche and hyper-local businesses.
Or select from our very popular packages below


Getting Started

  • 500 word article/blog post

  • 1 royalty free image included


Excellent option for companies ready to grow their presence in mid-sized markets or emerging niches


Our most popular plan

  • 700 words

  • 1 royalty free image included

Excellent option for companies ready to grow their presence in mid-sized markets or emerging niches.


SEO Traffic Driver

  • 1000 words

  • 2 Royalty Free image included

Perfect for establishing your company as a content leader and optimizing SEO potential.

Blogging has proven its ROI

Inbound marketing is 62% cheaper per lead than traditional outbound marketing 

Customers need to know your business is alive and kicking. If they don’t hear from you, you’re out of sight and out of mind.

  • The old days of generating awareness were easy. You buy an ad. Sales increase. Not anymore.

  • Now, successful companies maintain a dialogue with customers through content, nurture those relationships, and do it every day. 



We write across an insane range of industries and niches. 
But the proof is in the posts. Do you want to check out some sample posts related related to your industry or niche?