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We do SEO
(Search Engine Optimisation)

Test Your Website Visabiltiy

Our SEO services are designed to make search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) fall in love with your website.

Our SEO services are designed to make search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) fall in love with your website.


Combine this with topic depth, breadth and authority, and you are on to a winning formula. Our SEO package is designed to contain everything you need to improve the amount and the quality of traffic you are getting from Search Engines.

SEO is an ever-evolving marketing channel that needs an experienced, expert search team to be on top of constantly. You may not have the time or experience to do this yourself, and that's where we come in as your SEO agency.

What is SEO analytics?

This is a monthly service we provide. Whereby we analyse your website's SEO data, social media, and domain name.

We compare you to your competitors and see how you fair in relation to them and see what they are doing to improve your business. 

Why do you want these services?

Our analytics service will help you stay ahead or on top of the pack. 

SEO is like water; it is constantly flowing and changing. People's tastes change, seasons change, and fads change. SEO analysis helps you stay on top of change. The only thing that is certain in the world wide web is that change is inevitable. 

Will my business survive without SEO?

Maybe but it might very well not if trends change. SEO can help you stay at the top of Google search pages. And to be honest, do you want to survive or thrive? 

Why is staying at the top of Google search pages important? 

Want consistent business, want to stay in business, and want to be found? Then you need to rank in the first page of google search pages. 



Potential customers are searching.

With millions of searches, potential customers are looking for your products and services every day, and the majority don't go past page 1.

You will fall behind competitors.

Your competitors will have an SEO agency & strategy, and if you don't, you will fall behind and lose potential customers to them. 

It's a key part of digital strategy.

SEO should be at the heart of every digital marketing strategy. It needs commitment and patience, but the benefits could be huge.

How we do SEO

How we SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • A customised optimisation plan that fits your site's exact needs with thousands of easy-to-follow video tutorials

  • Individually optimised for each major CMS

  • Powerful, easy-to-use keyword analysis tools

  • Automatically identify your most significant competitors.

  • Daily monitoring of 50 search terms, locally and nationally, on Google and Google Maps from up to 3 locations.

  • Comprehensive link analysis

  • In-App Google Analytics integration

  • Monitor your local visibility with My Business Online LVI (Local Visibility Index)

  • In-App Google My Business integration

  • Real-time monitoring, tracking, & notifications with the rankingCoach VISION Feed

  • Weekly reporting and 24/7 notifications covering every significant development

Individually optimised for all major CMSs:

Google Ads

  • $75 free Google Ads to get you started

  • Intuitive and easy-to-understand Google Ads budget controls

  • Automated intelligent ad campaign controls

  • Comprehensive performance forecasts based on your budget & keywords

  • Precision ads use the most effective keywords to target the best audience in your neighbourhood

  • Automatically creates ad texts optimised for your specific audience

  • Supports all the latest ad extensions

  • Daily budget control and total cost transparency

  • Extensive reporting and analytics for comprehensive performance evaluation

  • Google Ads integration for local advertising on your Google My Business listings

  • Weekly reporting and notifications for all the important online developments affecting your business

Additional Features

  • Monitoring & reporting for comprehensive tracking of your progress and how it compares with your competitors

  • Respond to reviews cross-platform directly from the rankingCoach App

  • Get a complete overview of your business's review history

  • Monitor the Social Media activity of your competitors

  • Know the moment anyone refers to your business on the internet with Brand Monitoring

  • Monitor your visibility in online directories

  • Real-time online monitoring & notifications from My Business Online Vision ensure you always know about anything happening online that could affect your business.

Maximise your Online Visibility!

My Business Online will make your business more successful online. Get the complete Digital Marketing solution for an unbeatable price — no prior knowledge is required.

Local Marketing

We will create listings in 35+ top directories


Secure and standardise your business's important public information in key local directories, including Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp and many more. Creating an accurate, up-to-date directory presence will make your business easy to find online. It only takes a few minutes to set up.

  • Automatically create listings in over 35 local directories, including Google My Business.

  • Protect your listings from external theft or editing

  • Daily monitoring of 50 search terms in your local area and nationally on Google and Google Maps from up to 3 locations

  • Weekly reporting and live updates for crucial online developments

  • Google Ads integration for professionally targeted local ads on your Google My Business listing

  • Call Tracking: Get customer calls to your business through your local listings (coming soon)

  • Google My Business visitor interaction analytics

  • Synchronise opening hours for your listings

  • Synchronise promotional images and media posts

  • Synchronise posts for promotions & events

Make your business found in all the essential online directories with 1-click

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