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About Branding

Designing an honest brand or campaign that lives and breathes your ethics doesn’t just happen.

It takes collaboration, communication and a close look at your brand values and mission.


So when we work together, we’ll create a brand experience and identity that inspires awe and mobilises change. A brand that is not only every inch you but also one that connects on a deep emotional level with your ideal customer. And with the in-depth brand and market exploration, custom hand-drawn illustrations, and flexible, optional extras to choose from, you can trust that what you’ll end up with will be fully ready to make your vision a reality.

Branding for Small & Medium Businesses

Branding for Small Businesses

To begin with, If your company is looking for a designer who can work with you and have a budget for either re-branding or starting a fresh new look. Establishing some basics is essential right from the very concept. I'm pleased you found me, as I've helped many small businesses set up a complete branding package that is tailored for you and is very affordable.

In addition, I encourage all my clients to understand how the process works before I start the design package. Thus, if you want a strong brand, read my guide below, and then feel free to call me if you want to hire my expertise and consultancy skills.

Branding Tips for Small Businesses

I like to keep this as straightforward as possible, so 3 tips are all you need to understand the main criteria in my branding guidelines clearly.

  • Consistency (Colours, recognisable and style guide),

  • Quality (Honesty, loyalty, and trust)

  • Simplicity (Clean, memorable and possible to draw)

Let's look at these three areas below in more detail.

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Why is this important

Being consistent is one of the most vital aspects of running a successful business. A consistent schedule allows customers to learn when you do things-  this also gives you an excellent track record!

Branding includes your marketing materials, website, and stands at trade shows and conferences. Brand consistency leads to familiarity, and familiarity leads to trust. But small local businesses are often more likely to be relaxed and not focus as heavily on brand consistency. Likewise, If you want to stand out from everyone else, you need to know your brand identity and stick with it. Consistent branding means your small business Instagram account or Facebook account will look the same as your website, LinkedIn business account and other social networks. Remember that colours, fonts, and logos must match.

Why is this important

Quality is crucial to satisfying your customers. Maintaining a high-performance quality that will help your business build and reach the goals you are striving for is essential. The quality of products and services will contribute massively to long-term revenue.

Customers need to trust your business. Branding can impact the trust and credibility a potential client will give you. Visitors will feel the quality and instinctively relax if you have a professional-looking brand. To create a branding experience. Try and approach your business as if you have never seen it before. Just consider what your brand is telling the customer. Are the logo and colours relevant? How does the branding look compared to other competitors' brands? Therefore, the more honest you are, the clearer it becomes as to why your branding is so important.

Why is this important

Simplicity is a massively important aspect; when you focus on making your work simplistic, it becomes understandable and recognisable.  This could be highly beneficial, especially if people recognise your brand.

Think - "Can you draw it?"

Clutter creates confusion.

E.g., Orange - uses the colour orange. 

In other words, use the KISS method.

K - Keep 

I - It

S - Simple 

S - Stupid

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