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Thank you for clicking to find out more about this lovely course I have created for your industry. 

My name is Tanja Kent MSc and I'm a specialist in most things digital. I have an extensive background in website design, build, marketing and digital presence. I've worked with many different kinds of business, but my most favourites are SME's, social enterprises and charities. 

When I finished university quite a few years back and started practising. I realised people in the health and wellness industry were not very good at marketing themselves. This is because it is not an avenue well taught while studying.

The focus is on the craft and not the business of the craft.


So I have spent the last 10 years working with over a 100 businesses to establish their online presence and make technology work for them.

My goal for this course is to make technology & digital marketing easy for you to use and understand.

I have researched and tested numerous web applications and would like to showcase the best of these to you in this course.

My goal is reliability and ease of use for the end-user - so that you can get on with what you do best and let the technology work for you.

Technology does not have to be frustrating! 

About The Course 

Online Business Boom!

  • The course runs over 10 weeks. 

  • We will be starting this course in April.

  • Each session will be 2 hours long. 

  • You will then have a break for 2 weeks to do the work you need to do and come back to in 2 weeks' time if you are stuck.

  • The course is delivered through google classroom. 

  • This is a practical course - you will be doing the work not just listening to me drone on.

  • I will be online with you on the designated days and doing the course live... this will not be a recording.

  • If you miss a session do not worry you can catch up with a recording after. 

  • What this course is not:

    • Me / speakers droning on for hours - you will actively be doing things online​

    • Get rich quick course 

    • Difficult

    • You are on your own confused with no results

  • What this course is :

    • Easy to follow ​

    • User lead - I will be getting your feedback constantly to ensure you get the most out of our time together.

    • Practical things I do each day to help my clients grow and find new clients.

    • Big business strategies and secrets that they use to grow and scale.


What will you get out of this course?



New Course Starting July

Module 1

What to do before you build a website.

  • Competition analysis

  • Social media analysis

  • Keyword research 

  • Hashtag research

Module 2 

How to make money and what and how to sell

  • Working for free - why NOT to 

  • Online stores, or physical product sales

  • Digital product sales

  • Class, workshops

  • Appointments - how to streamline them and autopilot bookings

  • Books & Content creation 

Module 4

How to showcase

  • Raise your profile

  • Getting found on google/bing 

  • Networking

  • Incubators / accelorators 

  • Social Media

  • Build a website day - we will actively build a website - no coding needed

Module 5

What tools to use

  • Website tools - without having to know how to code

We will also catch up on your web project here

  • Social Media Marketing Tools

How planners work

  • Graphic tools - without having to have a degree

  • SEO Tools to use 

Module 5

Marketing 101

  • SEO - what it is and what you NEED to know and what you NEED to do

  • Social Media

  • Digital advertising 

  • PR

  • Presence management 

  • How Print / Magazines work and how to get featured

  • Google - how to get to the top / how not to get blacklisted


  Additional Material  

  • 30 minutes with 10 Online Millionaires 

  • Cash Flow Quadrant

  • How to work smarter not harder

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Join our waiting list 

Please be aware we take people on a first-serve basis. Each course is limited to 8 people so we can get personal with you. We run 3 programs a year. If you do not make it onto this cohort we will reserve a space for you on the next one.

Investment cost: £350 

If you have been referred by a college or learning institution you may be eligible for a discount or do the course for free. Please fill in the details of your school and we will let you know if you are one of the lucky ones. 

You will save £1000's in mist spent investments on incorrect tech and fruitless advertising.  You will save 1000's of hours in frustration and wasted time. 


This information has taken me 10 years to learn and I charge my clients £4500 for this kind full package that you can do yourself. 

Payment Options

  • Full course payment


  • 2 Payments

£175 deposit and balance of £1175 before the course starts. 

  • 3 Payments

£100 deposit (secure your spot), £150 before the course starts. 3rd payment is £100 2nd week into course. 

  • College / School Substitution

£150 one-off payment

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