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Top 10 Facebooks tips

Facebook is the most popular social media today being used by 2.19 Billion!

This platform I found was my best only because I’ve been a user since 2007, so well over 10 years and there are some bad habits which are very slightly embarrassing with all statuses I popped on every minute, hour and everyday! and the terrible photos! What was I thinking?!

So these habits I needed to snap out of completely since I’m using it for my business. I’ve created my top ten tips using Facebook as a platform.

1. Friends list clear-out - By using google chrome, download an app called Friends List Remover Pro to help you spot the inactive profiles, no profile picture accounts that are clogging your friends list.

2. Facebook profile picture - A backdrop need to be non-distracting and you embracing a smile.

3. Cover photo - Show your passion, find a photo you’ve taken somewhere or google one and create a valuable quote or your ‘motto’.

4. Clean your profile - Go through your page and clean up by deleting the last 10 posts that are irrelevant.

5. Feature photos - Find 5 that will show your lifestyle, for example Family holiday, pets, you being recognised by your work etc.

6. Bio - Use this as a headline of your page. Create a content that you believe in or your mission of why you are doing your business.

7. About - you don’t need all your previous jobs/education here. Just the name of your business and town.

8. Photo tag - In settings, you can optimised to request to see these posts made by others before they are on your profile.

9. Posts time limit - Every 3 hours is the maximum.

10. Public - The post that you are making to do with your business, make sure it is set to public.

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